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Personal Branding / Interpersonal Communication

I’ve have had the pleasure of having Mindy work with several of my classes. She’s been a judge for our business classes Shark Tank competition. Mindy has also come into my marketing classes to give a lesson on personal branding. The students found her lesson to be fun, interactive, energetic, worthwhile, and valuable.  Mindy brings so much energy to the classroom, and most important the kids had fun working with her.  I would recommend her to any teacher as her lesson is important and valuable to all students, kids, and adults. She was exceptional in my class and I will be inviting her back often.
Van Davis M. Ed
Business/ Marketing Teacher
Green Mountain High School

Social Media Marketing

Mindy Rodenburg knows her stuff. I had the opportunity to listen to Mindy present at a conference and was very impressed with her knowledge on using social media. She taught common sense marketing using social media and you could watch all the light bulbs come on as she presented. I look forward to following her and learning more from what she teaches. I would recommend Mindy to any business wanting to learn more about social media. Thanks Mindy!!

Adam Newman

Owner, Monkey Bar Storage


National Conference Speaker

“Frustration is opportunity.” -@MindyRodenburg #digitaleyes #napo2016

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